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New plaque for African Diaspora

Photograph from www.bermudianheritagemuseum.com

A plaque for the African Diaspora Heritage Trail will be unveiled at the Bermudian Heritage Museum.

The commemoration will happen as part of International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade activities later this month.

It comes as the museum, in St George’s, celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The ADHT said in a press release: “As the museum showcases the triumphs and struggles for freedom and equality for black Bermudians, it is most appropriate that the museum should be highlighted.

“The museum has as its goal to research, collect, preserve, display, promote and manage this wonderful history based on the heritage and accomplishments of black Bermudians.”

The brass plaque will be unveiled at 3pm on March 24, the day before the Day of Remembrance. The museum will be open free of charge that day.

On the Day of Remembrance, people are encouraged to consider the causes, consequences and lessons of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and to communicate the dangers of racism and prejudice.

This year the theme is “Remember Slavery: Triumphs and Struggles for Freedom and Equality” which celebrates the gains of people of African descent from slavery to the present. It also acknowledges the challenges that have been overcome in the movement towards freedom and equality.

On March 25, the ADHT will hold its annual church service at Cobbs Hill Methodist Church from 4pm.

The ADHT said the church stands as a monument to the “triumphs and struggles” of enslaved Bermudians who built it late at night after a full day’s work in the 1820s.

The press release said: “It took these men and women two years to complete the main sanctuary. Many of the descendants of the original builders of the church still attend the church today.”

For more information, contact Maxine Esdaille on 504-7749 or e-mail blessedbabe77@hotmail.com.