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Rubbish ruining scenic South Shore route

Blot on the landscape: bags of trash on South Road (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

A mound of trash has caused an eyesore on one of Bermuda’s most scenic routes for several days.

It is thought some Paget residents were unaware of a change to their collection day, meaning when they left out bags of garbage it was already too late.

One householder claimed not enough notice was given when adjustments were made to the pick-up schedule.

Dozens of bags of trash were yesterday[Mon] sitting on South Road, at the foot of Stovell Lane, believed to have been there since the middle of last week[possibly Aug 8].

The issue has prompted the Coral Beach and Tennis Club, which has its entrance directly opposite the heap, to make a request that they are removed as soon as possible, although collection was due to take place today[tues].

Kelly Stockley, assistant to the general manager at the resort, said: “These are our guests and our members coming to use the facility, sometimes they’ve never been to Bermuda. Their first impression on when they enter Coral Beach — that’s what they see, so for me it’s a concern.

“It’s harbouring bad hygiene and rodents. It’s a health risk.”

She also worried that the size of the trash pile could obstruct views of traffic for drivers.

Ms Stockley said a member of the resort’s maintenance department had contacted the Government and added: “Obviously sometimes things fall through the cracks, garbage collection has had issues on the island so we just wanted to make sure they were aware.”

Adjustments to the island’s collection map came into effect on August 6 but one local resident claimed: “They changed the day but they didn’t give people enough notice in advance.”

Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch, the Minister of Public Works, first highlighted the changes at a press conference in June, when he explained that once-a-week pickups would remain until at least the end of the year.

A Government spokeswoman said last night: “The Ministry of Public Works is aware of the waste for collection at Stovell Lane, Paget, and extends its apologies to the area residents affected.

“As a reminder however, the Ministry advised and publicised that adjustments to the once a week trash collection map, would take effect on August 6. This resulted in an expansion of the map for some areas.

“The Ministry notes the Stovell Lane waste is scheduled to be collected on Tuesday, August 14. This would have previously been a Wednesday collection site.

“The public should note that the eastern boundary changed from Cobb’s Hill to S — Hill.”

Anne Hyde, Keep Bermuda Beautiful executive director, said: “As with any minor changes there usually is a little bit of a time lag for people to get on board a new schedule.”

She hoped residents would soon be fully aware of any changes and would manage to comply and added: “We hope that people will get on board with this and if you do need to put your trash out on a day early then it should be in a bin with a lid.”

The latest once-a-week collection days are:

Monday: All of Sandys Parish. Southampton Parish west up to and including Lighthouse Road from Middle Road to South Road.

Tuesday: Southampton Parish east of Lighthouse Road. All of Warwick Parish. Paget west up to and including Chapel Road, S — Hill and Southcote Road.

Wednesday: Paget Parish east of Chapel Road, from, but not including S — Hill and Southcote Road, and up to and including Tee Street and Kent Avenue, Devonshire Parish. East Broadway. Cavendish Road. Pembroke Parish west of Blackwatch Pass.

Thursday: Pembroke Parish east of Blackwatch Pass. Devonshire Parish east of Tee Street. All of Smith’s Parish except the area east of Devil’s Hole Hill.

The Friday collection zone remains the same.