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Firms sought for online shopping plan

An online shopping service through the Bermuda Post Office moved a step closer as companies have been asked to outline how they could provide the scheme.

The ministry responsible for government reform is seeking information from interested businesses so it can explore options for residents who buy goods from international websites.

It comes as the department aims to “expand and modernise” what the postal service offers by allowing customers the chance to shop online and have their goods shipped to the island through the BPO.

Lovitta Foggo, the Minister for the Cabinet Office with responsibility for Government Reform, said: “E-mail, online advertising, and online bill payment has changed the way that the local community uses the postal service and traditional mail volumes have decreased dramatically as a result.

“The rise of e-commerce and online shopping however is redefining service requirements. Our public services must therefore evolve so that we can meet the needs of the community.”

A Request for Information was issued by the Government on Friday and the deadline for submissions is September 21.

Interested vendors can visit https://www.gov.bm/procurement/bermuda-post-office-online-shopping-initiative.