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Mural ‘mirrors our diversity’

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Bermudian artist Katie Ewles at work on a massive mural on a wall outside Par-la-Ville car park in Hamilton (Photograph supplied)

A mural designed to celebrate Bermuda’s diversity has been unveiled in Hamilton.

The abstract artwork by Katie Ewles, a Bermudian based in Baltimore, Maryland, is on the border wall of the Par-la-Ville car park near City Hall.

Ms Ewles said: “My piece strives to capture the essence of Bermuda, rather than explicitly illustrate it.

“I was drawn to the vibrant, distinctive colours of Bermudian houses, and how the unique colour of each home might be understood as an expression of individuality.

“Beyond colour, I was inspired by Bermuda kites and how they might represent many of the ideas my work aims to confront.”

The mural features more than 300 colours and took 120 hours to complete. Ms Ewles said she wanted to reflect the island community.

It was created as part of the City Arts Festival.

Ms Ewles added: “I wanted to highlight the diversity of our people, plants, and animals, and how the amalgamation of every unique member of our community amounts to something much larger than the sum.

“Ultimately, it was my goal to represent every colour, shape, and size and the necessity of each and every person.”

The City Arts Festival will unveil another artwork in the North Hamilton area before the end of the year.

A mural by artist Katie Ewles at Par-la-Ville car park in Hamilton, created to reflect the diversity of the island (Photograph supplied)