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Solar panels on airport ‘finger’ in the works

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A planning application for a solar farm at LF Wade International Airport has been submitted to the Department of Planning.

The proposed farm would cover 20.3 acres — more than the 18 acres at first envisaged.

The application said the “current design requires a slightly wider area to accommodate the most efficient table layout with four 27.5-metre tables across the sight width for the majority of the site”.

It added: “The prior design had anticipated more numerous and smaller tables across the width. As a result of the redesign, the site size requirement increased.”

The application added the Government was aware of the changes and an updated land lease will be finalised while the application goes through the planning process.

The farm is proposed for a peninsula known as “The Finger”, a piece of land that used to house a runway, a munitions storage area, a strategic air command refuelling base and a fuel delivery point. The project will consist of six “blocks” of solar panels, each capable of generating one megawatt of energy.

About 432 solar panels will be erected on the site.

The solar farm would be connected to the Belco system through a substation on Kindley Field Road.

The Government signed an agreement to allow the project in June and the planning application said developer Saturn Solar Bermuda has signed power purchase and connection agreements with Belco.

The Government has announced that it will carry out clean-up work in the area in advance of the project’s construction.

The next clean-up is set to start at 9am today and last throughout the afternoon.

A government spokeswoman said residents in the area should expect increased truck traffic on Cooper’s Island Road, Southside Road, St David’s Road, Kindley Field Road and Cahow Way as a result of the work.