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Chefs ready for the chop

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Hair raising: Jeffrey Montano, left, Raniel Dimaisip and Thomas Hernandezz (Photogrpah by Renae Stampp)

A trio of chefs at a Hamilton restaurant are to donate their hair to charity and shave their heads to raise money for cancer research.

The chefs at Rosa’s Cantina on Front Street, will give their hair to Locks of Love, a US charity that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair to disease, and shave off what is left for cancer charity St Baldrick’s.

The three, who have been growing their hair for up to 2½ years for the event, are pleased to donate to such worthwhile causes.

They will join a St Baldrick’s head shave fundraiser at Docksider Pub & Restaurant on Front Street on Friday.

Jeffrey Montano, from Mexico, said he did not hesitate when he found out he could help children by donating his hair.

He added: “I always wanted to do something like this and now that I get the chance to, I did not think twice.

Raniel Dimaisip, from the Philippines, said he had grown his hair for 2½ years to donate it to Locks of Love.

Mr Dimaisip added: “I said yes right away. I want to donate my hair because it is a good way to help children. Children are the future.”

Thomas Hernandez, from India, cut his hair last year, but after he learnt he could donate his hair, he stopped cutting it.

Mr Hernandez added: “I kept it long this year so I could donate it to the children.”

The three chefs have all had short hairstyles, but have never shaved their heads before.

Kara Simmons, restaurant manager at Rosa’s, said the chefs had made sacrifices to grow their hair in preparation for the donation.

Ms Simmons explained: “Last summer I could see their struggle because the kitchen gets very hot.

“For them to keep their hair and maintain it, they just sacrificed continuously so that they could do this.”

Mr Dimaisip said he also increased his use of different hair products in order to get his hair to grow.

Ms Simmons said that two years ago, Rosa Cantina saw an influx of young people who were taking part in a St Baldrick’s fundraiser at nearby Docksider.

She added: “My sister joked with the chefs and said that they had nice hair and that they should grow their hair to make wigs.

Mr Dimaisip took up the challenge and started to grow his hair and the two other chefs joined in later.

Ms Simmons said: “It was around the same time that our mother got cancer so we went through the whole process of buying a wig of human hair for her.”

Rosa’s Cantina and sister restaurant Chopsticks on Reid Street will also sell a special Milagro Tequila cocktail to raise funds for the St Baldrick’s charity.

Drinks distributor Pitt & Company has sponsored the cocktail drive.

(Photograph by Renae Stampp)