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New ‘Oleander’ to arrive tomorrow

Lifeline: Bermuda's new 'Oleander' cargo ship (Photograph supplied)

The island will welcome a new cargo ship designed to improve the shipping service to Bermuda tomorrow.

Neptune Group Ltd, the operators of Bermuda Container Line Ltd, announced that the MV Oleander, a custom-built container ship, will arrive in Hamilton Harbour between 3.15pm and 3.45pm.

John Wight, the chairman of Neptune, said its arrival marked “a very special occasion for the company and our shareholders”.

He said a christening ceremony and reception for shareholders and customers to view the new ship would be arranged later this year.

The ship will to replace the present Oleander, now renamed the Oleander III and sold, which has served Bermuda for 29 years.

The old Oleander will make its last voyage from Bermuda after the arrival of its replacement.

The new ship, which has steamed from its builders in China, will be larger than its predecessor and able to carry more cargo.

The ship will also perform better in bad weather, according to a statement from the company.

Barry Brewer, NGL president and CEO, said: “Bermuda importers require a reliable weekly schedule for their businesses.

“The arrival of the new Oleander represents the culmination of years of research, planning, designing and construction.”

The MV Oleander is a longer and wider vessel, with an extended cargo area that has three times the below decks cargo capacity of the old ship.

The ship was designed to give more protected inside stowage for cars, trucks, buses, boats, trailers, machinery and other high-value equipment.

The new Oleander can also carry up to 456 twenty-foot containers, including 75 refrigerated containers.

The ship is in line with the latest environmental emission regulations and ballast water treatment standards.

The new vessel was also designed to allow a quick conversion to liquid natural gas fuel if required.

It is as fast as the ship it will replace, but is more fuel efficient at higher speeds.