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Bus schedule views sought

Zane DeSilva, minister of transport.

The Ministry of Tourism and Transport has asked the public for its views on the new bus schedule.

The new schedule reduced the number of buses in service from 88 to 56 and also the frequency of buses.

But the ministry said the results of the survey so far had been “good and generally positive”.

But a spokeswoman added the main concern had been insufficient capacity on routes to the west of the island, particularly around the 5pm rush hour.

The ministry has deployed additional “sweeper” buses on routes with high demand.

Zane DeSilva, the Minister of Tourism and Transport, said: “Over the coming weeks, the operations team at the Department of Public Transportation will continue to monitor performance and make adjustments as issues arise.”

Mr DeSilva said people should e-mail comments to info@dpt.bm and include the date, time and location of the bus used.

They should also include the bus route number.

Problems can also be reported by phone 292-3851 and using the “dispatch” option.

The new schedule can be viewed and downloaded at www.gov.bm/bus