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Triple Challenge: almost $40,000 for charity

Representatives from the Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies, Raleigh Bermuda, the Reading Clinic, Windreach, Tomorrow's Voices and the Centre against Abuse collected nearly $40,000 courtesy of the 2019 Bermuda Triple Challenge (Photograph supplied)

Winners of the Bermuda Triple Challenge weekend were honoured on Friday after the fundraiser gained more than $37,000.

The three-day obstacle course race last month raised a total of $37,647 on behalf of six different Bermudian charities.

The top nine winners met charity representatives and event organisers for a prize-giving ceremony in Hamilton.

Jason Correia, an organiser for the fundraiser, said: “We exceeded the amount of money raised over the last couple of years and that is a very welcomed improvement that we hope to grow upon.

“I think the charitable aspect of the weekend sometimes gets lost.”

The weekend fundraiser, held between March 15-17, saw a total of 393 volunteers complete a different obstacle course each day.

Teams and individuals were given points based on the amount of money raised, as well as the time needed to complete the course.

Top winners of the Corporate and Non-Corporate Division got a grand prize of $1,000 and the winners of the Corporate division donated their prize to a Bermudian charity.

Mr Correia said that the money will be split between The Reading Clinic, the Centre Against Abuse, Windreach Bermuda, Tomorrow’s Voices, Raleigh Bermuda and the Bermuda Foundation For Insurance Studies.

He added that 39 participants from overseas had already registered for next year’s event, which showed the effect of “international publicity”.

Mr Correia said: “People are starting to rave about Bermuda as a destination obstacle course race and as a result we’re getting a significant interest from overseas.

“It’s honestly a great position for us to be in.”

Mr Correia said that he hoped to raise $50,000 from next year’s Triple Challenge.

The 2019 Bermuda Triple Challenge winners were:

Non-Corporate Division:

1st — Reid Robinson: 11,714 points; $4,380 raised — elected to donate his winnings equally towards the six Bermuda Triple Challenge charities

2nd — Zooming Zebras: 8,475 points; $3,350 raised

(Lyndsay Faries, Ashley Gillis, Laura Burns & Zoe Kempe-Gibson)

3rd — Martin Jones: 8,440 points; $790 raised

Corporate Division:

1st — HP Royals (Hamilton Princess, Bermuda): 7,285 points; $1,412 raised — elected to donate their winnings equally towards the six Bermuda Triple Challenge charities

(John Herbert, Kristian Baboolal, Frances Smith & Shonette Higgins)

2nd — Spare Change (Clarien Bank): 6,665 points; $0 raised

(Simon Van de Weg, Belaun Foggo, Nicoy Anglin & Shane Burrows)

3rd — Die Antwood (Deloitte): 6,352 points; $0 raised

(Laura Graham, Daniel Swanepoel, Franco Kwan & Marni Swart)

Junior Division:

1st — Warwick Boys: 5,912 points; $150 raised

(Jack Harvey, Brian Desmond, Caleb Ingham & Nick Pilgrim)

2nd — Take 2: 5,721 points; $40 raised

(Trent Harris, Joshua Lipschutz, Samuel Lipschutz & Alexander Southern)

3rd — Worst Pace Scenario: 5,396 points; $705 raised

(Macy Aicardi, Anna Francoeur, Gianna Webbe & Holly Wakely)