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Atlantic Publishing honours sporting seniors

Active seniors: Quinton and Patricia Mallory will be honoured by the Atlantic Publishing House on Sunday at the St John’s Anglican Church hall, which will involve a fun activity, light supper and a performance from the band Paradise (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

A sporting husband and wife will be honoured for their contributions to boxing and bowling in Bermuda.

Quinton Mallory, 82, and Patricia Mallory, 79, will be recognised by the Atlantic Publishing House and a committee of friends.

Mr Mallory started boxing as an infant when his brother would put socks on his hands.

He excelled at the sport as a teen and has spent many years coaching boxers including local stars Nikki Bascome and Teresa Perozzi.

Ms Mallory, who has been bowling since 1963 and has represented Bermuda overseas, continues to play and coach her sport today.

The couple were previously colleagues at Bermuda Telephone Company, and married four years ago after finding they had a shared passion for bowling.

Reflecting on his early boxing days, Mr Mallory said he had hoped to represent Bermuda at international level, but explained: “My mother did not know I was boxing and so when US promoter Gil Clancy went to get permission to take me abroad, she did not agree.”

He said of his coaching career: “I love training them. I like seeing them improving.”

Mr Mallory said boxers should get the chance to compete outside Bermuda as part of their training.

He added: “There are some very good boxers here, but they won’t be able to develop to their potential unless they get out of the island. They have to train out there.”

Ms Mallory said of the honour: “I am very pleased. I joined the league in 1963 and I said ‘this is nice’, so I started with the continental league and have continued since then. It’s a good game and we would like to see some more junior bowlers out. They are dwindling down, so we would like to see some more juniors.”

Atlantic Publishing House has partnered with a number of organisations this year to recognise seniors, women and artists who have contributed to Bermuda. Dale Butler, of Atlantic Publishing House, said it was important for seniors in all areas of society to be recognised.

Mr Butler, a former culture minister for the Progressive Labour Party, said: “I am just honoured that they agreed to be recognised. I would encourage churches, sporting organisations and schools to continue to do the same while people are alive.

“Young people learn from their lives. Sportsmen are inspired, and they are adding to the wealth of Bermuda’s history and knowledge. They can be very motivational. It’s very important to give people their flowers now when they can enjoy them.”

Mr and Mrs Mallory will be honoured at a function on Sunday at the St John’s Church Sunday School hall from 5.30pm which will involve a fun activity, light supper and a performance from the band Paradise.

Tickets: $35. Part proceeds will go towards junior bowling league