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Bermy Bouncers head to Norway

Jumping at the chance: Bermuda jump rope team coaches Kendia Dill and Sionna Barton, will take the team to Norway for international jump rope tournament (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Bermuda’s national youth jump rope team is to represent the island at an international competition in Norway.

The Bermy Bouncers, five boys and girls aged 10 to 17, will fly to Oslofjord to compete in the World Jump Rope Championships next month.

They will be joined by the adult team Bermy Bounce Backs to face off against more than 40 countries on the world stage.

Both teams will compete in power-based speed and freestyle events, which will be judged based on physical proficiency and performance creativity

Kendia Dill, the assistant coach for the squads, said that the teams had trained four times a week since September in preparation for the event.

She said: “We do push-ups, sit-ups, jump squats and running in one spot to get that agility and flexibility, especially in our legs.”

Ms Dill added: “The sport of jump rope is more than just jumping in spot and crossing your arms.

“You do have to be physically strong to be able to go through a lot of the elements that come with competitive jump rope.”

Sionna Barton, the head coach, said that the team had competed in the World Jump Rope Championships since 2013 and this year would join two Caribbean countries at the event.

She added that this would be the competition’s final year before the organisers became the International Jump Rope Union, a global governing body, and launches a bid to become a part of the Olympics.

Ms Barton explained that the team hoped to make a good impression as the sport could become an Olympic event.

She said: “We have children completing in a paired freestyle where two of them are doing a Chinese wheel where they hold the ends of each other’s rope.

“It is a very big competition and it’s a big deal that we are there.”

The team will leave for Norway on Sunday. The competition, which will run from July 2 to 12, can be streamed live at worldjumprope.org