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House: New weather radar to go live soon

Transport minister Zane DeSilva (File photograph)

A $2 million plus weather radar system will be operation next week, the transport minister told MPs this morning.

Zane DeSilva said the doppler radar system, on Cooper’s Island, had been completed on time and under budget.

Mr DeSilva said a new system was needed because the ageing radar equipment had suffered a series of breakdowns.

The German-built system was installed with the help of island technicians and weather service staff were trained in the use and maintenance of the radar gear.

Mr DeSilva said: “Together with a the planned life cycle maintenance programme, this training will help ensure an expected 95 per cent system reliability over the life of the system.”

He added the Airport Authority, set up in 2017, to monitor airport operators Skyport and manage air navigation services, had identified the need for new weather radar as “mission critical”.

To view the ministerial statement in full, click on the PDF link under “Related Media”