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Young Achievers: Amaya’s art draws attention

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Safety first: Amaya Davis, right, with her mother, Tamara, and five-year-old sister, Tamae (Photograph by Sekou Hendrickson)

A Primary 2 pupil’s artwork is to go on display on water bottles given out at her school as part of a road safety campaign.Amaya Davis’s drawing, which has already featured in a calendar, was created to remind road users to be careful around child pedestrians. The seven-year-old said: “I’m excited because a lot of people are going to be seeing my drawing.”Amaya was speaking as Dalton E. Tucker Primary School announced it would hand out the special bottles today as part of the Fuelling 4 A Cause campaign organised by oil and gas supplier Rubis.The primary school was invited to join the campaign along with ten other schools after Amaya’s artwork was featured in Rubis’s 2020 Draw 4 Change calendar for August.Amaya, from Smith’s, said that she drew the picture as part of a project for her Primary 2 art class.She explained: “My art teacher said we had to draw something for Rubis.“I drew a picture of someone crossing the road and someone else stopping [traffic] for them so there wouldn’t be an accident.”Amaya said she picked the theme because she thought it summed up the campaign.She added that art was her favourite hobby and that she drew at least four times a week.Her mother, Tamara, said that the piece was submitted to the Draw 4 Change competition through the primary school.She added that Amaya had worried that the drawing would not be good enough.Ms Davis explained: “She said she kind of rushed it towards the end, because they didn’t have a lot of time for that art class, so when she saw that she one she said ‘wow, that picture won?’. It just shows that sometimes good is better than perfect.”Amaya added she always paid attention when walking on the roads. She said: “I stay far away from the road when I’m on the sidewalk and I make eye contact with the driver before I cross.”Ms Davis added that Amaya also looked after her five-year-old sister, Tamae, when they walked. Amaya said road users should keep an eye out for children and watch their speed. She added: “If someone’s crossing the road and someone’s speeding and they don’t see them they can hit them.”Amaya said: “People should always make eye contact with the driver and make sure you press the crosswalk button before you cross the street.”

Practical art: beginning today, Dalton E Tucker Primary School’s water bottles will be decorated with Amaya Davis’s artwork (Photograph supplied)
Pride of place: Amaya Davis’s drawing, featured in the Draw 4 Change 2020 Rubis calendar for August (Photograph supplied)