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Advisory on burning garden waste

People have been warned that they can only burn garden waste at home.Police and the fire service said that people were using the shelter in place lockdown to tidy up their yards and burn lawn clippings and other vegetation.A Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service spokesman urged residents to notify the fire service before starting a controlled burn and to give them their name, address, phone number and the amount of time the fire is expected to last.The fire should be a minimum of ten feet away from any buildings, frees or any other flammable materials.It should also be constantly monitored and a garden hose or other fire extinguisher should be readily available.The spokesman said the public should completely extinguish the fire once the waste was disposed of and to notify BFRS dispatch.If the smoke from the fire becomes a nuisance to neighbours at any time then it must be extinguished immediately.A BFRS dispatcher can be contacted at 296-7559.For more information, contact the BFRS fire prevention division at fireprotection@gov.bm or 292-5555 ext 502.