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William Holdipp (1944-2020)

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Always willing to talk: the Reverend William Holdipp, of the New Testament Church of God, has died, aged 75. For many years he ran a radio ministry live with the Bermuda Broadcasting Company and served as an evangelism and outreach minister (Photograph supplied)

A pastor who ministered on the streets, as well as in the hospital and prison system, has died.The Reverend William Holdipp was 75.Mr Holdipp was a prominent member of the New Testament Church of God on Dundonald Street in Hamilton.Crystal Holdipp, his daughter, said he ran a radio ministry live with the Bermuda Broadcasting Company and served for many years as an evangelism and outreach minister.His friend and fellow member of the church, the Reverend O’Brian Cartwright, added that Mr Holdipp was “a praying man, one of those voices who was heard in many places”.Mr Cartwright said: “He would pray and talk with people on Court Street, but he would also pray in places of seclusion as well as places of population.”He said Mr Holdipp had a knack for calming people who were upset.Mr Cartwright added: “Somehow, in some way, someone who was irritated would always accept him. He would just go and talk to them.”He said that Mr Holdipp was a good listener and always prepared to forgive others.Mr Cartwright added: “He didn’t like things that were not right, but at the same time he did not place condemnation on people. He always gave you room to grow and change.”Mr Cartwright’s son, Cornelius Cartwright, said he had admired Mr Holdipp all his life.He highlighted in an eulogy at Mr Holdipp’s memorial service, on April 19, that he “may not have had the grand titles or church positions, but his genuine sincerity in serving the Lord was always something that I admired about him”.He said Mr Holdipp encouraged him to “look ever upwards and to remain true”.Arnold Johnston, a preacher with Rock Ministries — an acronym for Reaching Out for Christ’s Kingdom — often joined Mr Holdipp to preach in the Hamilton area.Mr Johnston said: “We ministered on Tills Hill and on Court Street at the corner with Dundonald.“We went to Middle Town and the Parsons Road area.“He was just a cool guy, very approachable. You could talk to him, and he would talk to just about anybody.”Mr Johnston wrote in an online tribute: “I was truly blessed to have had him as a friend and ministry partner.“We often talked when we met on occasions at a few of his work locations. He often shared about his battle with an ongoing sickness, which he had been healed from previously, but unfortunately it came back with a vengeance in the last few years to wreak havoc.”The father of three, who was married to Aleathea Holdipp, died after a long fight with prostate cancer.Mr Johnston added: “I thank his family for loaning him to me and most of all I thank God for loaning him to us.”

The Reverend William Holdipp preaching on the streets of Hamilton (Photograph supplied)
The Reverend William Holdipp, of the New Testament Church of God (Photograph supplied)