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DeCosta claims trio of victories

Multiple wins: Kirista Rabain

IC’s Overextended set a new record for a mare and posted the season’s fastest time during the latest round of harness racing at the Bermuda Equestrian Centre.

After equalling her record twice this term, the Whited Family’s mare claimed the record outright after running a 1:03/1 in the Free for All at Vesey Street on Friday night with top driver Tyler Lopes at the helm.

IC’s Overextended’s time shaved two fifths of a second off the previous mark of 1:03/3 it had shared with Abbey’s Dream and Black & Mild.

Lopes, who is having the sort of season drivers dream of, once again basked in the limelight after racking up six heat victories on four different ponies.

He set the tone with two victories with his two-year-old Indiana bred filly, Google Me, in the 1:10/1 — 1:17/1 division.

The driver also had two victories in the 1:06/1-1:07/1 division with gelding Pastor Paul, which is owned by his grandfather David Lopes.

Lopes then applied the finishing touches to another dominant display with two victories in the Free for All with Cherokee’s Ironman, last season’s top pony, and IC’s Overextended.

Also making multiple trips to the winner’s circle were Nick DeCosta and Kirista Rabain.

DeCosta, the former Driving Horse and Pony Club president, managed three wins with as many ponies. He captured two wins with Big Mean Machine in the 1:08/3-1:10 division and another in the Free for All with Inwood Stables’ 11-year-old gelding Brona’s Mike.

Rabain’s two victories were achieved with mare Reel Patrol in the 1:06/1-1:07/1 division.