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Garrod clears table five straight times

Matthew Garrod (Photograph supplied)

Matthew Garrod took his career to new heights after achieving an extremely rare feat competing at the recent 38th VNEA World Pool Championships in Las Vegas.

The Queen’s Club Kings stalwart produced five eight-ball run-outs in his quota of frames during his team’s match against Beantown Bruisers of Ohio at the championships held at the Bally’s Hotel & Casino from May 24 until June 2.

“Every game is five players against five so it’s a 25-frame match and each individual will play five frames on a team and this time I actually managed to clear up off the break, which is called an Ero or eight-ball run out, all five times,” Garrod said. “Basically, I didn’t miss a shot in five frames.

“I had three breaks and obviously two wasn’t and I managed to get a ball down every time I broke and then clear the table and fortunately my opponent didn’t pot a ball when he broke.”

It was the first time that Garrod has achieved the extraordinary feat.

“This is the first time I have done it and it’s even more special at that level because you are playing teams from all around the world,” he said.

“The closest I ever got to it before was over here playing against RAA in the league. I had run four consecutive racks and then in the fifth frame I missed a shot.

“It is an extremely rare feat. Not only do you have to play well but need luck on your side so your opponent doesn’t pot anything on their breaks.

“I still have more to go because each game you win you get ten points so if you win all five you get 50.

“What you give up is what your opponent scores so obviously the best result is 50-0. But I actually putted one of each balls on two of my breaks so my actual score ended up being 50-2, which is quite phenomenal as well.

“This has kind of given me the buzz back now so I am going to try a little bit harder next season.”

The Queen’s Club Kings finished 33rd among the 400 teams competing in Las Vegas.

The local team was also represented by Kyle Wilson, Earlwin “Bootsie” Wolffe, John Nicol and captain Gary Bascome who placed third in the individual senior men’s division.

“We did exceptionally well this year and congratulations to Gary on his second time winning a trophy out there in the individual nine-ball,” Garrod said.