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Johnson and Teixeira claim elite pro cards

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Centre stage: Monica Teixeira struts her stuff at the IFBB Diamond Cup in Vancouver

Monica Teixeira and Julian Johnson claimed International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness elite pro cards at an event in Vancouver last weekend.

Teixeira’s pro card came in the Bikini Overall, while Johnson secured a pair of pro cards after winning both of his classes, the Men’s Physique Overall and Classic Physique at the IFBB Diamond Cup.

The pro cards will allow the athletes to compete at a series of international pro events with prize money available.

Teixeira, however, plans to continue in the amateur class for the time being and has targeted the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, in February.

“I didn’t expect to walk away with an elite pro card,” she said. “That was a nice surprise and I’m excited to see where this goes. I already have my eye on competing at the Arnolds, which has always been a dream of mine.

“I’m not really looking to do any pro shows as of yet. Most of the elite pro shows are in Europe and that’s a little far for me, plus I feel I need some time to improve now.

People call it ‘the off season’, I like to call it the ‘improvement season’.”

The 26-year-old, who trains at Positive Results, said she will be increasing her calorie intake as she looks to build more muscle.

“I’m eating towards growing muscle as opposed to fat loss or getting leaner,” she said. “My nutrition plan — I hate the word diet — will switch towards growing muscle and filling out in the areas I need to improve.

“I need to get those calories up so I can build that muscle.”

Teixeira praised the performances of her team-mates who all finished in the top five of their respective classes.

“The team did very well and I’m very proud,” she said. “The BBFF [Bermuda Bodybuilding Fitness Federation] are so supportive and without them none of this would be possible.”

Johnson and Teixeira won a pair titles each at the Night of Champions at the Fairmont Southampton last month, Teixeira in the Bikini and Women’s Figure and Johnson in the Men’s Physique and Classic Men’s Physique.


Bikini Class A

Monica Teixeira — winner

Liza Kolesnik — fourth

Bikini Class B

Cleo Darrell — winner

Bikini Overall

Monica Teixeira — winner

Men’s Physique A

Sunder Singh — winner

Men’s Physique B

Julian Johnson — winner

Men’s Physique C

Sheldon Effs — second

Kamel Dickinson — third

Men’s Physique Overall

Julian Johnson — winner

Classic Physique

Julian Johnson — winner

Muscular Physique

Sheldon Effs — second

Julian Johnson claimed a pair of wins in Vancouver