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St George’s highlight women’s role in clubs

St George's president Neil Paynter

St George’s Cricket Club will highlight the importance of women in local sports clubs when their Founders Week, marking their 126th year, continues this week with a forum on Wednesday night.

Entitled “The Influence of Women in Community Clubs”, the forum will start at 7pm and will have seven women on the panel, including Nadine Henry, the former Devonshire Recreation Club president.

Also on the panel are Brandi Bassett from St George’s, Tache King of North Village, Shanika Hayward of Devonshire Rec, Pembroke Hamilton Club’s Charryse Bean, Shawnette Perot of Western Stars Sports Club and Shequita Parson of Young Men’s Social Club.

St George’s have had several women in various roles, with Bassett serving as secretary and Tiffany Hayward the assistant secretary.

Playing key roles on management committees in the past include Althea Richardson, Patricia Washington, Renee Foggo-Paynter, Renall Caisey, Debra Christian, Judy Knight and Veronica Edwards.

Neil Paynter, the St George’s president, said: “Women bring a lot to the table when it comes to the clubs.

“Back in the da, it used to be the women’s auxiliary, supporting behind the scenes. Now women can become financial members, thus why we don’t now have the women’s auxiliary. Now they can be up front and involved with everything that is happening at the clubs.”

The week of activities started with a Masters Division football match between St George’s Stallions and Somerset Extros, which ended in a 2-2 draw at Wellington Oval on Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday, members attended a church service at Ebenezer Methodist Church.

Tonight the club will have a Games Night at 7pm before further events are held on Friday with the Founders Week Happy Hour and Social event at 7pm and a community clean-up on Saturday from 8.30am.

The clean-up will start at Mullet Bay Park and continue to Stoke’s Point Road, near Swing Bridge.