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Dr Brown will pay for rebuilt wall, states Minister

The wall being rebuilt outside the Brown Darrell clinic

Repairs by Public Works staff to a wall owned by former Premier Ewart Brown became a topic of argument in the House of Assembly.During the House's Motion to Adjourn yesterday, Opposition MP Grant Gibbons questioned why a wall, on Dr Brown's Smith's parish property at the Brown Darrell clinic, was being rebuilt over the weekend by Public Works staff. Dr Gibbons said a number of people had called him to complain, and he had taken the liberty of photographing the work there.“This wall was put up a number of years ago by the former owner to protect his swimming pool, which is now Dr Brown's swimming pool. It's been knocked down, I think four times, and rebuilt by the previous owner of the property.”Dr Gibbons said that while it was a “nice gesture” of Public Works to rebuild the wall, “surely Dr Brown with his nice pension and other benefits as well” didn't need taxpayers paying for a private citizen's wall.In response, Public Works Minister Derrick Burgess said he understood why the construction work had become a big issue “because it's Dr Brown's wall. I understand the history.“Dr Brown has agreed to pay for that wall. And in the interests of public safety, I think one thing [Public Works] knows how to do is build a wall.”Health Minister Zane DeSilva followed with the remark that there were “lots of pictures of private walls that Works & Engineering have constructed over the years.”Mr DeSilva added that former United Bermuda Party (UBP) Minister Ralph Marshall had walls built by Works & Engineering on two of his West End properties one at Whale Bay and another at Hog Bay.“What goes around, comes around,” Mr DeSilva finished.UBP Deputy Leader Trevor Moniz objected that in both cases Mr Marshall had given away a strip of his property to allow for the construction of sidewalk.And UBP MP John Barritt said: “I bristle when I hear things like ‘what goes around comes around', if land owners are willing to give land for sidewalk.”