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Government to extend census to March 2011

Bermuda’s Census 2010 has been revived, with the Department of Statistics launching ‘Census Phase II’.A legislative amendment proposed by Premier Paula Cox in the House of Assembly last month allowed for an extension of this year’s census.The census ran from May to September but was hampered by a shortage of census workers. About half the Island’s households have not been contacted.The Department has sent out notification letters to the roughly 15,000 households which have not yet been visited, requesting both Bermudian and non-Bermudian residents to call and book a telephone interview.Interviews and house visits are now expected to be finished by March, 2011.Ms Cox called the completion of the census “crucial to the decision-making process of this Government”.She said: “We intend to complete that process and to ensure that all Bermudians are the beneficiaries of the knowledge gained from the data collected.”Census derived statistics contribute to Government policy planning and the development of social and economic programmes.Interviewers have now resumed house calls during evenings and weekends, carrying with them identification badges and letters of authorisation. Interviewers also wear a green fluorescent Department of Statistics sash.By law, every person must be interviewed. The Department has urged anyone receiving a letter of notification, or who has not been interviewed, to call at 297-7761 and schedule a telephone interview.