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‘Political scene in bad need of manicure’ Richardson

Charles Richardson

Lawyer Charles Richardson said Government has suffered serious trust issues as he claimed Bermuda’s political landscape is in bad need of a manicure.Mr Richardson had previously suggested he would run for the Progressive Labour Party in Hamilton South, where Diallo Rabain was selected to replace Darius Tucker as the party’s representative on Wednesday night.However, he said he pulled out of the running because his work commitments meant he could end up being no better than those MPs who’ve struggled to get Bermuda on the right track in recent years.“This is a Bermuda that cannot materialise without sound leadership and a cohesive determination to stand together,” said Mr Richardson.“Unfortunately, the political landscape in Bermuda right now is in bad need of a manicure. The Government of the day has a virtual monopoly on the passage of legislation and has suffered some serious trust issues, some of its own doing, some not so.“The UBP no longer exists, and the OBA is viewed by most as the old UBP with a cheap facelift. To be fair to the OBA they may be in substance more than this but they have not done a good job of telling the people of Bermuda who they are or what they are about.“This is the political state of play. For those who are genuine and committed this next election could set the tone for a new era in party politics in Bermuda. For those who do not have the tools or the commitment they could end up making matters worse.“Against that background I had to measure my personal circumstances. I have a very heavy workload as a criminal defence attorney in the midst of an increase in the frequency and severity of serious crimes in Bermuda. I love my work and I take it very seriously. It takes up a great deal of my time and energy. It is a cruel mistress who often demands my attention.“I concluded that I would be no better than many who have entered into the political arena if I did so knowing that I have neither the enthusiasm nor the time to do the job properly.”When he announced his intention to run a year ago, Mr Richardson had said the public is crying out for a new crop of young politicians having grown tired of some of the rhetoric from the old guard.Yesterday, he stressed his ambition to enter politics had not died.“I do intend to make an effort to serve my Country, just not in this election as a candidate,” he said.“The next election will most likely find me in a better place to serve my Country, but I must insist that I sit this one out.“I love my Country and its people with passion. I want for Bermuda what everybody else wants: peace, prosperity, good international relations, and a well educated, well trained workforce.“I want a Bermuda where the concept of race is an anachronism and the very idea of there being any distinction between the two races is considered nonsense.”lUseful website: www.plp.bm