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Fahy: Legal fees to MJM top $1 million

Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy (File photo)

Total legal fees paid to MJM Ltd by the Ministry of Home Affairs since the One Bermuda Alliance took power is $1,081,931.36, Senator Michael Fahy reported in the Senate yesterday.

He provided the information while answering parliamentary questions posed on May 12 by Sen Marc Daniels, who had asked how much had been invoiced and how much had been paid to the law firm.

Sen Fahy said: “The ministry can advise the total legal fees invoiced by MJM Ltd for the period of 18 December, 2012, to 30 April, 2015, is $1,208,638.71.

The Labour Disputes Tribunal and the Supreme Court Injunction Application did not incur any outside legal costs, Sen Fahy said.

“The Ministry can advise there have been no legal fees paid in relation to the recent Labour Disputes Tribunal and Supreme Court Injunction as the Ministry was represented by the Attorney-General Chambers,” he said.

Sen Renee Ming asked about the amount spent on legal fees and consultants for the waterfront contract arbitration.

Sen Fahy stated: “The ministry can advise that the total amount spent on legal fees and consultants for the Waterfront Contract Arbitration between the Bermuda Government and Allied Development Partners Ltd is $895,637.64.

Sen Fahy also provided a copy of the Democracy Trust, as well as the documents that dissolved the trust, in response to another question by the Sen Ming.

• For a full copy of the Democracy Trust, click on the PDF link under “Related Media”.