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Premier calls for language that unites

Michael Dunkley

Michael Dunkley has urged Bermudians to leave behind language that attacks for language that unites.

The call came after the case against Marc Bean over comments he made at a polling station was dismissed at Magistrates’ Court today.

In a statement released this evening Mr Dunkley said: “What concerned me about this matter is the signal it sent about standards of behaviour today. I can’t for a moment imagine that our forebears would find Mr Bean’s language acceptable.

“Although this court case was specific to the disgusting words used by the Leader of the Opposition against two women, there is a toxicity in our public dialogue today that serves no good purpose and that needs to be addressed.

“I would like to see Bermudians use this case as an opportunity to do better, to leave behind language that attacks, corrodes and abuses for language that supports, builds and unites. That’s where the future lies.

“All of us can learn from our mistakes and from the mistakes of others. This court case is a good opportunity to do so, not just for Mr Bean.”

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