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PLP: Panel fails to answer crucial question

An artist’s impression on the proposed new airport

The Progressive Labour Party has said the conclusions reached by the Blue Ribbon Panel do not address the most important question.

In a statement released this evening by the party, a spokesperson said the PLP was not surprised by the findings of the panel.

“We stated from the beginning that the Terms of Reference of this panel would not lend themselves to any other outcome, which is why the Minister of Finance then proclaimed that he was sure the panel would, ‘come to the same conclusion that I came to’,” the spokesperson said.

“The Blue Ribbon Panel does not answer the question that every MP should want to know, how much money will Aecon earn from Bermuda’s most prized public asset, our airport.

“It is estimated that Aecon’s shareholders will receive a minimum of $300 million in dividends over 30 years before Bermuda gets any revenue sharing.

“The fact that the Government refuses to disclose the financial model and will not answer this question that we have asked repeatedly means they have something to hide.”

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