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PLP: July 18 election to be ‘verdict’ on OBA

The Progressive Labour Party issued a statement swift on the heels of the calling of a General Election for July 18, saying Michael Dunkley, the Premier, had “clearly” made the call to avoid a vote of no confidence in the House of Assembly.

It was a question Mr Dunkley faced earlier from the media — and dismissed, saying that “the people need to decide — we don’t need to have rancour in the House of Assembly about the direction that Bermuda is going”.

But the Opposition statement said the Premier would not avoid “the verdict of no confidence that will be delivered at the ballot box on July 18”.

The statement continues:

“The minority OBA government had lost their mandate to govern and the PLP welcomes the forthcoming General Election so that the people of the country the OBA has worked so hard to divide can now decide their future.

“Bermuda has suffered for four years under the OBA and our families cannot withstand another term of their divisive policies and arrogant leadership. In the last four years Bermuda has lost 2,000 jobs, Bermuda’s debt has doubled and the gap between the haves and have-nots has increased. Bermudians are enduring an ever increasing cost of living with wages that aren’t covering our needs. Bermudian parents, students, and teachers are suffering with an under-resourced public education system that is an afterthought to the OBA. Bermudians have had four years of jobs losses, downsizing, outsourcing, and an uncertain future. Bermuda can do better than we’re doing under the OBA.

“The PLP is ready to be your next Government. We have listened to you and we have learnt from you. We know that the most important issues that affect our country’s future require a measured and bipartisan approach. Our country is facing a jobs crisis. The next PLP Government will implement a fair immigration policy that promotes Bermudian employment and stimulates economic growth. Pathways to Status is not the solution, despite the OBA’s efforts to force it upon us. We will reduce the costs of employment through bipartisan tax reform and reduce healthcare costs through greater competition and the use of technology. Your PLP Government will introduce retraining programs to ensure higher levels of employment for Bermudians. Let’s get our Bermudians back to work.

“We’re confident that if we come together, on July 18, the people will elect a Government that puts Bermudians first.”