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Putting faith in our boys

Inspiring others: Lynwood Richardson, left, and Detroy Bean (Photograph by Akil Simmons0

Last summer Lynwood Richardson, aka Brotha Richie, walked into a local hobby store to check out some remote control cars and boats.

He walked out with a new idea for how he could be used by God.

While at Off The Wall Hobbies Shop last August he ran into local motocross rider Detroy Bean; months later the two joined forces to launch Club Hobby Zone, a camp for young boys between ages eight and 14. It offers access to fun sports and hobbies, as well as character development activities.

“We’re both members of the Christian faith,” Brotha Richie explained. “Detroy actually comes from the Seventh-day Adventist Church and all of our programmes are based on those biblical principles.

“We have motivational moments that we share with the kids and when we started off the programme we had a time of prayer as staff to encourage us through the day. A lot of the principles behind what we do are Bible based, without being overtly religious. It ends up getting infused into what we do and how we do it just because our faith is an important part of our lives.

“Our mission when all is said and done is to start building a relationship with these boys through what we do, give them a sense of belonging and help them tap into the various gifts and talents that God has given them.”

Brotha Richie, a local Christian DJ, made a bold decision earlier this year to leave his job at radio station Hott 107.5. The move forced him to rely more heavily on his faith.

“It put me in a space where I need God’s help, wisdom, guidance, provision and love to see how to reach and impact the different types of boys that cross our paths through Club Hobby Zone,” he said.

“Overall I find my life is about times and seasons. More and more I am learning to develop my God-given instinct and knowing when it is time to move or shift in my life.

“Over the last three years or so, I have been on a very intentional and soul-searching journey to realise my potential, and pursue my purpose. As much as I loved being on the radio, I began to grow weary of the same routine and there were other things that I wanted to do with my time.

“I just went 43 years old, and I’m at a point in my life where I want to walk the path that is going to make me happy. I want to be who I’m meant to be and do what I was meant and created to do.”

Detroy Bean Jr admits his faith has been an equally important part of his life.

Growing up the son of two pastors (Saadia and Detroy Bean Sr), the 30-year-old started to develop a steady walk with God while attending Bermuda Institute.

“That was a big part of my Christian background,” Mr Bean said. “It helped me to build relationships with other Christians and was about character building versus just school curriculum. School wasn’t just about one plus one. It influenced who I am — everything from the music to the singing and the devotions we had every morning it encouraged me to look at life differently and see God as my source.”

The motor mechanic was challenged most in his faith when, after ten years of working at local bike shops, he decided to open his own business, Bradford Motors, six years ago.

“Working for other people wasn’t my thing,” he said. “Then came the time when I felt called to open my own business. The jobs I had previously gave me the training and the skills and God gave me the confidence to step out on my own.”

Mr Bean has found it rewarding to share his passions with the younger generation through Club Hobby Zone.

“We try to keep the faith aspects of the programme more general because you don’t know what everyone’s religious background is, but we tell them the Father is who orders and controls everything we do so when we get a blessing try to remember and thank Him.

“We try to make it cool by telling them it’s cool to say thank you to God. A lot of times we go through life like everything is our own doing, but we try our best within the fun and learning when they do feel gratitude towards something and thank us to direct that to the Father. If they say they’re thankful for being here, I say ‘God brought you here’.”

The Club Hobby Zone programme is offered on school holidays. For more information call 703-4896.