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Prayer calendar is a ray of sunshine

Providing inspiration: Eugenia Robinson has created a calendar of prayers and a journal based around Bermudian sunrises

Eugenia Robinson started travelling the island taking pictures of sunrises in 2009.

She penned a prayer to accompany each one, certain that God’s hand was behind her new interest.

Last year He put another idea in her head: use her works to create an inspirational calendar, and a journal that will challenge people to grow.

“The journal holds a lot of valuable information and can help people accomplish a task and keep them on track,” Ms Robinson said.

“If there is a matter disturbing them, maybe a sudden death or illness or a sudden change in their life, and they want to vent properly and grow closer in a relationship with their higher power, these journals provide an outlet for that.”

The journals aren’t yet ready for sale.

Three, 21-day segments allow people to detail personal highs and lows.

“That’s important because it’s easy to get frustrated, angry or disappointed with our journey, but when we look back through old journals, we can see how we managed more than we thought, how we survived,” Ms Robinson said. She struggled with her own faith for many years. Although she grew up in the Church, she left after she became pregnant at 17.

“I found myself as a saved teenager, pregnant.

“An elder in the church approached me and said, ‘You are disgusting’. That broke my heart and broke my spirit.

“That’s when I started to become depressed.

“I started to sleep and cry a lot when I was pregnant with my first daughter. It was a struggle for my family as well.

“I was raised in the Church and pregnant. I felt like a disgrace.”

She stayed away for nearly 20 years until a family member invited her to a church event.

“There was a man from overseas at that event sharing his testimony of drug addiction,” Ms Robinson said.

“At that time, I was so angry with my life and everything going on.

“I was angry that my family was struggling because of my choices.

“I had been out of church for more than 18 years and went to hell and back a couple of times. I was a single mom and would finish off the month, after paying my bills, with [less than $20].

“I was under a high level of stress trying to figure out how I was going to make it to the next month.

“And I also struggled with depression. I wasn’t feeling very good about myself. I was a total mess.”

She rededicated her life to Christ and God encouraged her through her dreams.

One was to start Restoration House Ministries, a place of worship that enables philanthropic and faith-based events and educational programmes.

She’s now focused on inspiring people through her journals and calendar.

“I want these resources to help anyone struggling with their self-image, their self-value or self-worth,” she said.

“I want these sunrise pictures to bring them a sense of calm. My hope is people will get back what was stolen from them and discover what their purpose and destiny is.

“There’s a scripture that says, ‘Write this vision, make it plain’. No matter what your vision, we have to keep it in front of us and keep looking at it.

“Sometimes we have to write it over and over until it becomes clearer.

“Do your research because it definitely doesn’t drop from the sky — that’s a misconception people have and where a lot of people get stuck.

“My goal is to help people proceed with their visions for their life.”

•The calendars are priced at $10 and $35. If you would like one contact Ms Robinson by e-mailing calendar@eugenialrobinson.com or 236-2725.