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God restored my broken heart

Spreading joy: Nikita Robinson with a group of eager readers during the World Book Day 2016 at the First Church of God on North Shore

A series of heartbreaks led Nikita Robinson back to church at age 26.

Two years earlier, she lost her brother in a tragic motorcycle accident. Then a serious relationship ended, and she quit a job.

“It was a really painful time and I was questioning God about what was going on in my life and who I was,” said Mrs Robinson, the host of Hott 107.5’s The Ladies Room.

“I was wondering what is it I need to do and how do I make me right again. My mom was going to church so I followed her and it was one of those situations where it felt like the pastor was speaking directly to me. I grabbed my mom’s hand and walked straight to the front to rededicate my life to God.

“I realised I couldn’t make myself right or whole again, only He could. I realised I had to submit myself to Him and then everything would be all right after that.”

God started to restore her heart piece by piece.

Her brother Jeffrey was 18 years old when he died in a head-on motorcycle crash on September 8, 1993. In the days that followed she was able to see just how many lives he had touched.

“His funeral at St Paul’s was so packed people were standing outside,” she said. “It was a comfort to know he had touched so many people and had made that much of an impact.”

She has since made it her mission to spread God’s love.

With the blessing of her bosses, she picks a charity to spotlight with a free interview on her radio show each month.

And she’s always on the hunt for other ways she can give her time. Last year she joined with Gina Spence Productions in Christ to help with a clothing drive for families in need; her family also help environmental charity Keep Bermuda Beautiful clean up the island.

“There are so many different ways we can make a difference — by just doing things out of the kindness of our own heart, giving a hello to someone or sharing a smile,” she said. “Sometimes we take for granted the small things.

“It doesn’t always have to do with money, even though we help people out financially for sure. It’s just the simple things God tells us to do, like being a shoulder for people to cry on or giving someone an encouraging word. Even when you are going through something yourself, God still chooses you to help other people and lift them up.”

Through everything God has taught her it’s okay to be herself — even if others don’t agree.

One time, a person on Facebook commented that Mrs Robinson was “too church” for his liking. She chose not to retaliate.

“I could have gone back and forth with him to explain myself, but God said to me, ‘You don’t have to argue me, you have to live me every day with your actions’. Otherwise, I’d be arguing every single day.”

Her words of encouragement to other believers going through a challenging time: let go and let God.

“I use that saying all the time. To me it means it’s okay to go through hard times or uncertainty, but that we can always trust in Him and his assurance.

“Our lives aren’t ever perfect, but He can take all wrongs and make them right. We just have to learn to let go of control and submit to Him.”

Mrs Robinson hopes to raise enough books for Bermuda’s children, from toddlers to teenagers, in honour of World Book Day on March 2. To donate a book or volunteer your time to reading to preschool and nursery children, e-mail nikita@hott1075bermuda.com