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I put trust in God and resigned

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Kezia Furrbert quit her job with no prospects, and was reminded to put her trust in God (Photograph supplied)

Two months ago Kezia Furbert was climbing the reinsurance corporate ladder when she felt God nudging her in a different direction.

Although she had no idea what would come next, she decided to resign.

“I had nothing lined up, no responses to my job applications and, quite frankly, was taking a leap of faith,” the former risk manager said. “But I trusted that God had me regardless of what my next steps were.

“Needless to say, a week before I left my previous job, I met with someone and was offered an opportunity to temp in my chosen field. I can now share that this opportunity has turned into full-time employment as a recruitment coordinator. God is in the details and I’m so grateful.”

The experience reminded her to never doubt God, even when things aren’t going as smoothly as planned.

It was a lesson she’d learnt at a young age. Ms Furbert was raised in a Bible-believing home and active in church and youth ministries throughout her youth.

She accepted Christ into her heart at an early age but, “although [she] wouldn’t admit it at the time”, felt herself drifting from God while a student at Brock University in Ontario, Canada.

There, she said, her “eyes were opened to what the world had to offer without God and it was empty and only provided temporary fulfilment”.

“Once I graduated and settled back in Bermuda I began to take my faith more seriously and really committed to a personal relationship with God,” she said.

“It was challenging at first to fully surrender my life over to God. I had to shift the way I thought so that I wasn’t tempted to do the things I used to do. Now thankfully, it’s easier to say ‘no’ to things I know don’t align with God’s word.”

It’s that thinking that got her involved with Activate Bermuda, a new ministry that seeks to inspire young people to fully pursue God and activate the calling He’s placed on their lives.

The group plans to host a Young Adult and Leadership Summit that will open with a night of worship on Friday, July 19.

Ms Furbert, the organisation’s deputy chairwoman, said she was inspired to bring the event to life after attending a similar conference overseas.

“I became very passionate about wanting to see that same excitement and move of God here on the island,” she said. “I wanted to create an atmosphere where young people, across denominations, could worship freely — however that looked for them — without worrying about pleasing other people.

“I felt God’s desire for young people in Bermuda to be united, to take a stand for righteous living, to love one another and be passionate about worship.”

A lover of the arts, Ms Furbert sings, dances and plays the piano and cello. She is also part of the mime team at her church, Cornerstone Bible Fellowship.

“I’m naturally drawn to the arts and love being able to worship God while encouraging others through ministry,” she said.

“Before I get on stage to share my gifts, I always ask God to move me out of the way so that people can see Christ instead of me.”

Her hope is that more young people will spend time with God and ask Him to reveal where He wants them.

“This walk with Christ is personal. You have to spend time outside of church seeking Him and reading His word,” she said. “You will be limited in your ministry if you limit your devotion with God.”

Activate Bermuda Summit takes place July 19 to 21. Learn more on Facebook: Activate Bermuda or Instagram: @activatebermuda. Register at www.activatebermuda.com

Kezia Furrbert quit her job with no prospects, and was reminded to put her trust in God (Photograph supplied)