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Warriors boss: Win proves we’re not just a cricket club

St. David’s defender Aaron Lugo put his side’s win over Boulevard, their first away from home of the season, down to determination and heart.And Lugo, who is also the club president, insisted the triumph proved the Warriors weren’t just a cricket club who also played football.The Islanders added Boulevard’s name to the scalps they have claimed already this year, that include Southampton Rangers and Devonshire Colts, with a 3-2 win at BAA Field that has catapulted the side into the top half of the Premier Division.It’s a place Lugo believes his team deserve to be, and while he said he thought results hadn’t gone their way in the early stages of the season, he believes the side have the characteristics to get better and put in a solid performance on the day.“It was a hard fought game, the elements played a big part but following the coaches instructions we stuck to the game plan and came out victorious,” said Lugo.“Hunger and determination are one of a few characteristics that St. David’s do have, and coming off back to back games that we conceded seven goals, we just stuck to what we know and how we were setting out to play and it worked.”One incentive for the side is the fact that many have branded Warriors nothing more than a cricketing club, who place far less emphasis on football and other sports.For those in the ranks that consider themselves and the club a footballing club and not just solely on cricket, wins over clubs with a rich tradition go a long way to making the point quite clear.“The players in our team that are just football players are tired of hearing that St. David’s is a cricketing community, so when we come out we come with a point to prove,” he said.With Somerset Eagles next on the fixture list, Lugo wants his teammates to show the same hunger they showed against Boulevard when they welcome their western rivals to Lords.“We have lacked heart in a lot of our games this year and we haven’t really been playing form our heart,” said Lugo, “we have been playing like how we know we can and this week we showed all of the things I have said and in the end a win was a result of the hard work.“The players that do come out and show what they are capable of in training and bring it to the games are the ones who should be commended for our result, they gave their all and we will take games one at a time.“This is our first away win of the season, and we will concentrate on the game at hand.“Right now we are looking to Somerset Eagles and getting a positive result from that match.”