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Moore: Huge team effort required in Dubai

David Moore is refusing to lower the expectations he places on his players, despite admitting that it will require a massive turnaround in performance for Bermuda to progress through the Division Two qualifiers in April.The head coach is under no illusions as to the task that faces his side as they prepare themselves for the tournament in four months' time.Success will mean beating teams that Bermuda haven't even come close to in the past year or so, and it will need to start with an impressive showing against UAE over the next couple of weeks. A team who whitewashed Bermuda 5-0 in July.“A realistic expectation of success is an interesting concept ,” said Moore. “From my point of view we are going over to win every game that we play on this tour, that's what I expect our players to be focused on and I'm not interested in.....you play the cards you're dealt.“You can't say ‘well, we've got two players under-19, guys this and guys that, and they've got players from overseas'. We have to play the best we possibly can with the cards we've been dealt.“I never go into a series not wanting desperately to win, and that's what has to be communicated to the players. We are there to win every game.”Outside of results, Moore will also be watching the players very closely to see how they handle themselves in a schedule that sees them play five games in a week.“For us, in Division Two, the goalposts have changed. It's been confusing and very disappointing in the way that it's changed, and it's made our job extremely difficult,” said Moore.“We've now got to come in the top two and beat teams that we didn't even come close to beating in 2010.“That's going to take a massive amount of work, and a massive turnaround, really. With the schedule against UAE, that mimics exactly what's going to happen in April. And I'm going to be really very watchful on how guys play, how they handle their recovery, how they handle their personal responsibilities to get themselves up into shape for the next game.”And anyone who falls short this time is going to have to work incredibly hard to prove that they deserve to get another crack in April.“Individually, I'm looking for players to show that the hard work that they have put in during this training programme is paying off,” said Moore.“They've got to start making good decisions, particularly when they're batting and bowling. It's about patience and discipline, all those mental skills, showing commitment to the task, and making choices that are best for the team, and not best for themselves.“That will lead to success. If we get that occurring, then the players that don't want to do that will then be weeded out even further, and then we get a group of 14 guys who we know are fully committed to Bermuda, are going to train their hearts out, and are going to give us the best chance of winning.“We all know that watching any level of sport, the most talented individuals aren't always the best team.”