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BFA postpone drawing of lots

Photograph by Akil SimmonsMore conversations: BFA executive member Stephen Coddington

The Dudley Eve Trophy gridlock took another twist today when the Bermuda Football Association postponed the drawing of lots to determine the winners and runners-up from group B.

The BFA has put proceedings on hold after meeting with representatives of Dandy Town Hornets, the two-times defending champions, Devonshire Cougars and Robin Hood who unanimously oppose such an arbitrary method to determine the two qualifiers.

Hornets, Cougars and Robin Hood completed the group stage of the competition level on points with identical goal differences, as well as the same amount of goals scored and conceded.

The representatives from Hornets, Cougars and Hood all welcomed the BFA’s decision to postpone the drawing of lots to explore other alternatives.

However, Shannon Burgess, the deputy chairman of the BFA Competitions Committee, has strongly suggested that the controversial drawing of lots to separate the three teams could go ahead as planned.

“The clubs have had a conversation with the Competitions Committee and have offered some concern about the drawing of lots,” Burgess, the former Devonshire Colts and Bermuda captain, said during today’s planned draw at the Clyde Best Centre of Excellence.

“The question is whether we have flexibility to consider other alternatives. Right now, I believe no. But I’m willing to have another conversation and then we will come back.

“The Competition’s Committee have made the decision based on the local regulations, regional regulations and international regulations. But we will have some more conversations around rationale before executing the draw.

“Unfortunately, in group play within tournaments as prestigious as the World Cup the ultimate tie-breaker is the drawing of lots. We have chosen to stand by that piece of regulation and apply it to this group of the competition.”

Willis Dill, the president of Western Stars Sports Club, of which the auspices Hornets fall under, praised the BFA for allowing more time to consider other alternatives to a drawing of lots which he feels “would be harsh for anyone of the teams to be left out”.

“I don’t think the outcome of any match should be decided in the board room,” Dill said. “However, I do understand the rules and regulations that the association is governed by.”


December 2

Friendship Trophy preliminary: PHC Zebras v Dandy Town

First Division Shield: Paget Lions v Ireland Island Rangers

December 3

Friendship Trophy preliminary: Robin Hood v Somerset Trojans

First Division Shield: St David’s v St George’s

December 13

Friendship Trophy quarter finals: Devonshire Cougars v PHC/Town, Devonshire Colts v Hamilton Parish, Boulevard v Robin Hood/Trojans, North Village v Southampton Rangers.

First Division Shield quarter-finals: Somerset Eagles v BAA W, Young Men’s Social Club v Wolves, St David’s/St George’s v Paget/Ireland Rangers, X Roads v Flanagan’s Onions.

October 31

Masters KO Cup: Southampton Rangers v St George’s Stallions, St George’s All-Stars v Hamilton Parish, Young Men’s Social Club v Devonshire Lions, PHC Raiders v Prospect United, Somerset Extros v Wolves Pack.

Venues for all Friendship Trophy, First Division Shield and Masters KO Cup matches are yet determined.