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Making a little girl’s dream come true

Seeing her hero upclose: Jahnika Tucker, Wells and Jhazz Tucker at John Smith’s Stadium

This month’s Yorkshire derby between Huddersfield Town and Leeds United proved to be a very special occasion for Jhazz Tucker.

The nine-year-old, who is the granddaughter and niece of former Bermuda and Somerset Cup Match captains John and Janeiro Tucker, finally got the chance to see compatriot Nahki Wells in action and meet the Huddersfield striker and his team-mates in person after the match.

“I was so excited that I got to meet and take a picture with Nahki and the goalkeeper for Huddersfield,” she said. “It was really nice and I enjoyed meeting him.

“Nahki is a good football player and it is nice that he is representing Bermuda well. Every time he got the ball I cheered him on, and it was fun and exciting because that was my first game in the United Kingdom.

“I really wanted Huddersfield to win. But even though Huddersfield lost [3-0] it was still a fun game.”

Wells was delighted that the youngster finally got her wish to see him play.

“I didn’t know she is a big fan of mine and it was a warm welcome from her,” he said. “She was very excited to see me play, and I am glad her wish to watch me play came true.”

Jhazz’s mom, Jahnika, said watching Wells ply his trade is something that her daughter has wanted to do for quite some time.

“Being over here as a Bermudian, people always ask if we know Nahki Wells, and from that she [Jhazz] always wanted to go and watch him play football,” she said. “So I thought going and watching him play when they played Leeds, which is where we live, would be a good experience for her. We are a thirty minute drive from Huddersfield.

“Every time Nahki had the ball she kept saying ‘mommy, Nahki has the ball’ and she was cheering him on. She was really tickled and excited and talked about it the whole way home.”

Watching Wells play was also a moving experience for the insurance company underwriting assistant.

“I was very proud as a Bermudian to see that Nahki has accomplished so much and is representing Bermuda,” Tucker said. “It was a good experience and exposure for me and Jhazz and exciting.”