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Red Cross provides defibrillators to clubs

Diane Gordon of the Bermuda Red Cross, left, presents an Automated External Defibrillator to Judy Knight, president of BAA, recently. Also pictured are Mark Wade, president of the Bermuda Football Association, and Troy Brimmer, chairman of the BFA’s First Aid committee.

The Bermuda Red Cross has partnered with the Bermuda Football Association to present three field operators with Automated External Defibrillators for safety in case of medical emergencies at football matches.

The BFA will have one at their Clyde Best Centre of Excellence where matches and training sessions are held, while Bermuda Athletic Association and Pembroke Hamilton Club were also presented with the machines at the BFA office recently. All field operators are required to have personnel trained to operate the machines.

“The AED machines are a necessary tool when resuscitating a person who is suffering from heart failure,” the BFA said in a statement. “The Bermuda Red Cross offered training to clubs over the last year and we look forward to the remainder of our field operator clubs completing the necessary training in order to receive their AED machines.

“The BFA is committed to arming our clubs with resources to ensure the safe participation of players in our football leagues. The clubs who have received the machines are fully licensed and have the required number persons, who have completed CPR, First Aid and AED training, committed to assisting in the event of a medical emergency.”

Diane Gordon, disaster manager at the Bermuda Red Cross, said: “Bermuda Red Cross, through its Disaster Risk Reduction programme, identified a need within sports clubs generally to receive CPR/First Aid/AED training.

“The Bermuda Football Association was initially targeted as an organisation whose members represent broad communities and as such would be the most appropriate initial group to implement training. The BFA have agreed that all of the clubs will be required to undergo training with Bermuda Red Cross in 2018. Bermuda Red Cross has successfully implemented this particular programme in other communities in Bermuda.”

Troy Brimmer, BFA Executive Council member and chairman of their First Aid Committee said: “This has been a rewarding project. Working along with the Bermuda Red Cross has been invaluable.

“We embarked on a journey to train club representatives in CPR, First Aid, and AED use to ensure the requirements for club licensing would be achieved. This presentation is a huge milestone in that project.”

Added Mark Wade, president of the BFA: “Over the last year our clubs have undertaken training initiatives on their own and as a part of BFA Club Licensing programme.

“Club representatives have completed workshops in club budgeting and financial reporting, QuickBooks, SCARS, as well as First Aid and AED training. This is the second equipment investment we have made into the product our clubs provide the football family.”