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Challenge Cup held to honour former player

The UT7 Series will host their first five-a-side football tournament next week at Goose Gosling Field.

The UT7 Challenge Cup, in honour of former X-Roads player Uthmani Talbot who died in a bike accident in 2013 at the age of 24, will involve eight teams playing in two groups on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The top four teams will advance to the semi-finals which are scheduled for next Sunday at 5pm, followed by a third-place match at 6pm and the final at 7pm. Cash prizes are awarded to the winners and second and third-place finishers.

The first UT7 Tournament was held in 2016, a seven-a-side tournament sponsored by PwC Bermuda in memory of their former colleague. His brother, Khomeini, is organising the tournament.

“This is our fourth year going, it started off as a way to get these guys to keep playing and improving their skills,” Talbot explained. “For a couple of years we’ve been working with Andre Bascome, Larry Smith and other top coaches, having training session twice a week throughout the summer.

“The UT7 Football Series was created as a way to continue player development beyond the football season and to bring together all of us who have a desire to use the post season to improve on your skills and enjoy the camaraderie that football offers.

“This year we are upping the ante with the Challenge Cup, a five-a-side tournament.”

The games will be played on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, kicking off at 6 and 7pm, two games on at a time and four on each night.

The games will be 25-minute halves, fast-paced and high scoring, the organiser promised.

“It should be a quality tournament as far as players, Marco Warren, Keishen Bean, Aaron Spencer, Donovan Thompson and Paul Simons,” Talbot said. “We’re excited, looking to see some good quality football, all the teams should be very competitive.

“It should be very interesting with rolling subs and action based. I predict some high scoring games.”

Spencer, Marco Warren and Paul Simons are on the Old Lady FC team, while Rico Beek, Drewonde Bascome and Jason Lee will play for Yaaa Dun. Thompson is playing for UnderRated FC. Other teams are Athletico CP, Team 1, Skillaz n Drillaz, Dee Warriors and Athletico CP2.