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Irby and Kuzyk leading the way

Champion girl: Ashley Irby wins first place in the girls over 13 1500 meter race and breaks the island's record for the inter-school Bermuda School Sports Federation. (Photo by Nicola Muirhead)

Ashley Irby and Quincy Kuzyk both have four wins in their respective under-17 age groups heading into National Cross Country Championships at the Botanical Gardens on Saturday.

In the five-race series, Irby and Kuzyk won the four races they competed in, including last weekend at the Botanical Gardens. Both have 40 points in the series, with Irby leading Macy Aicardi by 18 points, while Kuzyk leads Isiah Tucker by ten points. Tucker won the second race at Scaur Hill Fort Park in which Kuzyk missed.

Ryan Outerbridge is third in the under-17 boys with 22 points. Jade Johnston leads the under-14 girls with 46 points. Second is Jezhari Talbot with 30 points while Koa Goodchild had 24 points. Selah Tuzo, who missed the first three races, has won the last two at the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

Nicholas Pilgrim has four straight wins in the under-14 boys for 42 points, eight ahead of Tommy Marshall in second place on 34.

There was little competition in the under-20s, where Brianna Mendes leads the girls with 40 points and J’Auna James second on 26. They were the only two competitors in that group, while in the boys, Akim Johnston, the sole competitor, only ran the first race of the series.

Three women competed in the open category where Gayle Lindsay leads with wins in her three races. Chayce Smith and Chefton Hall were the only two men in the open field, with Smith leading on 30 points while Hall has 18 points.

Four points separate Alicia Hancock and Rebecca Shepherd in the women’s masters. Omari Hart leads Chris Harris by six points in the men’s masters.

Mairi Redmond holds a ten-point lead over Victoria Fiddick in the women’s senior masters, while Scott Neil leads the men’s senior masters.