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Overall is an Olympian

Scott Overall

With a marathon best of 2:10:55, Scott Overall has shown he has the talent to run with the world’s best.

He set his fastest time when coming fifth in the 2011 Berlin Marathon. That performance qualified him for the London Olympics the following year, where he finished in 61st place.

The marathon and 10K are the two distances he is primarily focused on, and he will race the 10K in Bermuda, with a possible run in the half-marathon depending on how he feels and what his coach advises.

Overall was a good junior athlete, but he really started to stand out from the crowd when he moved into the senior ranks.

His mile best is 3:58, which he set on an indoor track in 2008.

“I went to Butler University in Indianapolis from 2004-2007 and it was after this I started running full time and eventually turned my attention towards the marathon at the end of 2011,” he said.

“I like running the 10K as it gives me the chance to run quicker than I would in the marathon, and I can run more than two per year [which would be the limit for marathons]. It also breaks up the marathon training and reminds me of when I used to be a 5K and 10K runner at university.”

His best 10K is a 28:48, which he ran in Manchester six years ago. His fastest time last year was 29:43.

During the winter he has been running shorter distance races ahead of the start of his marathon training.

“Bermuda falls just at the right time where I can race having done the training for a 10K.

“I will start my marathon build up at the end of January, getting ready for a spring marathon. So it works really well for me.

“It is nice to come away from the marathon training for a while and not have to run so many miles.”

He is aiming to run the marathon at the World Athletics Championships in London this summer.

As for coming to Bermuda, he said: “I have never been before and really looking forward to it, I have heard great things and also love racing in new places.”