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Furbert backs tourism initiatives

Shadow Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert is backing Government initiatives to revive the flagging industry — and is also taking credit for providing the sector with “a strong foundation”.Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell announced on Tuesday that Government had put together a number of marketing campaigns and initiatives under the National Tourism Plan to attract visitors to the Island.Those initiatives include targeting high-end visitors from the US, UK and Canada and promoting the Island’s sporting events and facilities.Mr Furbert, who held the portfolio under the last Progressive Labour Party Government, said that promising visitor arrival figures demonstrated that strategies implemented under the PLP were effective.“The Progressive Labour Party laid a strong foundation in Tourism which allowed the One Bermuda Alliance to successfully move forward with ideas to revitalise this long stagnant, critical industry,” he said.“From the revamped marketing theme, So Much More, the establishment of a Tourism Board with authority to promote and market Bermuda, and most importantly, the National Tourism Plan, much of the heavy lifting has been done already and now is the time for results.”Pointing out that Minister Crockwell had said he was “optimistic that the So Much More campaign is one that will continue to help drive business”, Mr Furbert said: “With these words, the OBA has finally admitted that the PLP plan was working.“I am delighted that the OBA is willing to acknowledge that there were good things produced under the PLP and their willingness to move forward with this plan is truly in the best interest of Bermuda.“For this we thank them.”