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American blogger hails Bermuda’s beauty

US travel blogger Kristen Kellogg (Photograph supplied)

The Island has been awarded a glowing endorsement online by American travel blogger and “digital storyteller” Kristen Kellogg, who visited Bermuda in May.

Her site, Border Free Travels, extols local history and colour: “Bermuda’s blues and pinks will leave you in awe as you fly into or sail around the Island”.

There is a sequence of colourful photographs of local attractions and a video offering a montage of scenes — from pools and beaches to meals and drinks, underwater images and sunsets against seaside palms. Rosewood Tucker’s Point is highlighted for East End accommodation, and Cambridge Beaches in the west.

For beaches, Horseshoe Bay is recommended, with Church Bay listed as a quiet alternative.

Travel tips emphasise the Island’s proximity to the East Coast of the United States, and the blog comes with a list of handy Instagram accounts to follow.

Bermuda features on the main page of the blog, which is billed as “telling stories through captivating digital content”.

Other destinations featured by Ms Kellogg are Dominica and Massachusetts.