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Project's goal is to find new pen pal friends

St. David’s Primary 5 spent a considerable amount of time on their water project this term. Primary 5 student Kyesja Jones sat down with P5 teacher Mrs. Helen Greenberg to talk about the project.Kyesja: How did you get this idea?Mrs. Greenberg: I read about a science experiment that was done every year by a high school class in Florida. They study water and the Gulf Stream currents and wanted to do a hands-on experiment. One of their bottles actually was found in Ireland 18 months later! We’re studying about water and the water cycle and I thought this would be an exciting and memorable experiment for all of us… especially if someone actually found one of our messages in a bottle!Kyesja: Where do you think the bottles will go?Mrs. Greenberg: BIOS has kindly agreed to take us out into the ocean to drop our bottles into the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream passes near the coast of the US and Canada shores and travels on towards Europe there are so many places these bottles can land. It’s exciting to think about.Kyesja: How did you wrap the bottles with the messages in them?Mrs. Greenberg: I rolled each message tightly, wrapped it in clear plastic wrap, taped it closed, and tied a red ribbon around each message. Then I covered the mouth of the bottle in clear plastic wrap and put the cap on tightly.Kyesja: What did you put on the messages?Mrs. Greenberg: Each student wrote a friendly letter to a finder of the bottle. We included the address of our school and told them that the bottle was part of an experiment and to please contact us.Kyesja: Did you tell your students to write their address on the letter or did you tell them not to?Mrs. Greenberg: Each child had written parent permission to send a message to a stranger but we wanted to be especially careful so no one included an address or telephone number. Our only contact information is our name and our school address.Kyesja: If somebody found the bottle what will you ask them?Mrs. Greenberg: We hope that they’ll contact us and we could become pen pals. We also hope that their newspaper will print a story about our experiment and about our beautiful Bermuda Island.Kyesja: If a person contacts you or any of your students what would you do?Mrs. Greenberg: I have told my students that if any bottle is found I will come back to Bermuda to visit and celebrate. We all have our fingers crossed that a bottle will be found!