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Clearwater Middle School shows it knows ‘the reason for the season’

Jazzing up the jeep: Clearwater Middle School students spread Christmas cheer in their community by showing their appreciation to the police officers that keep them safe.

Presents and parties can come to be the main focus of December, but Clearwater Middle School students took time out to remember the ‘reason for the season’ and spent December 15 helping others, giving back to their community.One group of students gave the gifts of time and labour to the children of the Sunshine League at their Pembroke home.While the children who live in the residence were at school, the Clearwater students spent the day taking on their responsibilities, cleaning rooms, sweeping corridors and tidying the bathrooms.The children at the Sunshine League get ‘sunshine dollars’ for helping round the building.By doing the chores, the Clearwater children earned ‘sunshine dollars’ for the children and then redeemed those same dollars to the same children.When the children arrived home from school their chores were done and they had ‘sunshine dollars’ to spend as well.Elsewhere Keneisha Thompson and her advisory group showed their appreciation for the members of the Police Service who keep their community safe by washing the vehicles outside the Southside Police Station.Teachers Kelly Lyons, Bonnie Wilson, and Francine Weinmann co-ordinated a project to fill a hamper with tinned goods that was then donated to the Salvation Army.On Tuesday December 14, the hamper was taken to the area at the Botanical Gardens where the project is being co-ordinated.On the morning of December 15 the whole class went up and helped pack boxes on behalf of the Salvation Army to help the needy at Christmas time.