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With its many different activities, summer art camp was ‘the best’

Having lots of different things to do each week during the summer holidays was what made the art camp at the Bermuda National Gallery the best. The one-week camps featured a different theme weekly, and included the History of Art in Bermuda, Decoding the European Collection, The Art of Elisée Maclet and the William Collieson Retrospective. In addition to developing their knowledge and appreciation of art, each day at recess time the children went to Victoria Park and ate their fruit or snack under the gazebo. After they finished eating, they played different games with the counsellors. During the first week in August, Wednesday was especially exciting because the students got more challenging and exciting activities to do including a field trip to Dockyard, talking about art and drawing whatever they felt like. In Dockyard they visited the Commissioner’s House where they saw old coins, a number of old paintings and Graham Foster’s mural. They also got to see the King Neptune statute. Later in the afternoon, while on a scavenger hunt all around town, the youngsters met artist Will Collieson. They were pleased to meet him because his work was the main collection in the current exhibition at the gallery; they were using his work for inspiration for their own different and exiting artwork. The rest of the week the campers did fun art stuff. Pictures from magazines and stuff from around the house were used to make a collage inspired by Mr Collieson’s art. A statue made of clay was also created and subject matter included dogs, art, circles within circles and even letters within a name. Other activities the campers completed were drawings individually and as a group activity. They went on a scavenger hunt inside the gallery looking for objects hiding within Mr Collieson’s work. They made sculptures with magnets and explored general questions about art. Over the weeks, the camps were led by gallery interns. For the first week in August Chloe Brooks was the head counsellor; she was fun and sometimes strict, exciting and adventurous. She had two other helpers named Lillian Smith and Stephanie Gibson. They were both kind, sweet, exciting and the best counsellors any one could have. The three of them combined made the perfect counsellor. A fourth counsellor, Julia Terrey, also helped run the camps during previous weeks. All in all it was interesting and informative way to spend a week in the summer holiday.