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An awesome look at Bermuda’s past

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He?s a hero: Port Royal Primary School students (front row, from left) Remi Cooper, Nicholas Paulos, Kallan Richardson, Corey Bean and Jordyn Richardson researched the life of footballer Mr. Clyde Best. At a school assembly they were able tohave a photo taken with him and History expo organiser Zonique Swainson.

By Raina de Fontes, Primary 4Port Royal’s History Expo was started by two very important people, Mrs. Holly Richardson and Mrs. Zonique Swainson. Without them our school wouldn’t be much fun. The notable Bermudian that I researched was Marlene Minks, a very talented Bermudian dancer who has performed both locally and overseas. I felt a lot of pressure the day I presented, but I ended up doing great. My teacher, Mrs. Zonique Swainson, was so nervous that the History Expo 2012 wouldn’t be perfect. Each day we had a different local celebrity visit, like one day we had Kevin Smith and Dame Lois Browne Evans’ daughter. The History Expo was a great success and a great experience for everyone. We are hoping to have a History Expo again!By Oni Smith, Primary 4Port Royal Primary’s History Expo was from February 28 to March 2. The organiser was my teacher, Ms Zonique Swainson. She worked very hard to organise all of the exhibits. I think all of the parents were proud of the students that entered projects. The Minister of Education, Dame Jennifer Smith, my auntie, was also there.For my History Expo project I researched Collie Buddz. I chose Collie Buddz because I think he is a very talented singer. A girl named Ahnaz Belloquet researched Collie Buddz too. Her project was very nice. I loved everyone’s projects. My teacher Ms. Swainson was very proud of all students. Some of the notable Bermudians studied were: Marlene Minks, Kevin Smith, Tom Butterfield and Hubert Smith just to name a few.Some schools like West Pembroke came to the Expo 2012 to see our projects. Some other schools could’ve also visited to learn about interesting Bermudians.By Adia Gibbons, Primary 4The History Expo was awesome. We had researched notable Bermudians. One of my friends, Ahnaz Belloquet, did an interview with Collie Buddz. She videotaped her interview in his studio and everybody loved it. At the end of her little presentation, she got a very big clap from the audience. Other students, Corey Bean and Jordyn and Kallan Richardson, researched notable Bermudian Clyde Best. We even had Mr. Best visit our school for the ribbon cutting ceremony to open the Expo.He told us: “Never let someone tell you that you can’t and to always believe and follow your dreams.” He told us that people use to throw foods at him that monkeys like, like peanuts and bananas, and also called him a monkey but he didn’t give up.Another one of my friends, Charis Burrows, researched Kevin Smith. He also came in. Mr. Smith gave a couple of words and said always follow your dreams. I researched my nana Joan Vidal. She has worked at the National Library for 45 years. I had asked her what would she say to a young person who wanted to be a librarian, and she said: “If you really love books, you can be an author or you can be a librarian. Just keep your hopes up. Don’t let them down. If you try to get the job and you don’t make it, just keep trying and never give up.”Our Expo 2012 was amazing.

Powerful performances: Students presenters(from left) Kallan Richardson, Delia Ebbin, Jordyn Richardson and Sijay Samuels gave PowerPoint presentations and monologues as part of Port Royal Primary School?s history expo

Port Royal Primary School recently held its first History Expo, ‘Beyond Boundaries’.

Opened by former West Ham United footballer Clyde Best, the purpose of the Expo was to have students learn about significant characters from Bermuda’s history through research and presentation.

Organised by the school’s Science/Social Studies Coordinator, Ms. Zonique Swainson and her committee, the Expo ran from Tuesday, February 28, Friday, March 2 in the school hall.

Students were allowed to submit individual or group projects in one of four categories: multimedia documentary (information presented using technology), exhibit (information presented as a three dimensional display), historical paper (written information on the subject) or performance (live presentation done in a dramatic fashion) The committee received more than 80 entries for the Expo with all students from Primary one to six participating.

Here are three reports from Port Royal students on the event.