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Students help fuel education

Filling the tank: Warwick Academy students fuelling for a cause

I first heard of Rubis “Fuelling for a Cause” project through the Warwick Academy development office and immediately realised that it was a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for the school and set out to encourage other sixth-form students to get on board and give back to the school through this innovate and generous Rubis project.

It seemed simple enough — all we had to do was to submit a photo and allow Rubis to fuel our cause. Rubis would choose 12 charities (“Green 12”) that would have the opportunity to participate in a two-month donation campaign funded by Rubis.

My first priority was to ensure that other Warwick Academy sixth-form students who had their own transport join in. This was accomplished by connecting through the school’s group chat and getting the word out. I also contacted teachers and requested them to encourage other year groups who had their own transport to participate. As a result, we had a terrific response!

We gathered as many students as possible for a photoshoot with their bikes — not an easy task for sure, but with the help of Hannah Fields, a former sixth-form student, we managed to gather at the front of Warwick Academy to show our support to Rubis for making this possible. We then made our way, very safely, to Terceira’s Rubis Gas Station on South Road, were we organised another photoshoot in support of Rubis “Fuelling for a Cause”.

Warwick Academy was thrilled when Rubis recently contacted us to advise that our photo submission for the 2017 Rubis calendar as part of their Fuelling for a Cause initiative had been selected as a winner and would be a member of the “Green 12”.

But it did not stop there — to ensure that family and friends of the school supported “Fuelling for a Cause” we sent out a mass e-mail, with instructions on how they could help to raise additional funds for the school as Rubis will donate 5 cents per gallon sold at any of their Bermuda Gas Stations to Warwick Academy. This is how it works: when participants purchase their gas at any Rubis Gas Station in Bermuda they will receive a Rubis Rewards document with a unique code and website address, simply go online to the website, enter the unique code and vote for Warwick Academy. Please be aware that the promotional period for “Fuelling for a Cause” started on Wednesday 28 September and will end on Wednesday, 9 November, 2016.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Rubis for their generosity and support and to everyone who has voted for Warwick Academy to receive their donation.

“Nothing you do for children is ever wasted”.