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No blues for preschool on Monday mornings!

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Reday to move!: the Monday morning dance class with Kia Perinchief. Students are W’nique Christopher, Olivia Dale, Lanix-Szion Griffin, Jayari Mello, Zara Malae Riley, Zy-Asia Simmons, Dante Watson, Nasayah Williams, Sahjah-Amir “Moses” Williams

Young Observer took the opportunity to visit Victor Scott Preschool this week.

Every Monday Victor Scott Preschoolers, age 4, rotate between music, dance, tennis and Spanish class. During these two hours teachers meet for Teachers Professional Learning Community Time. The students say they really enjoy their Monday mornings.

Throw your hands in the air...: music class with Bermuda School of Music’s Jennifer Sheridan and students Zaynah Benjamin, Janiya Blackman, Ariana Daley, M’zun Lauder, Hasim Ming, Starr Smith, Tanaaj Thorpe, Jahkeri Trott, Gia Wales, Phoenix Williams
Tennis Class with Paul AlvesKi-Mya Butterfield, Sai’et Butterfield, Dezirae Denbrook, Cali Hollis-Butterfield, Garnes Savannah, Riahz Stovell, Duvonta’e Martin Binns, Masyn Daniels, Amani Outerbridge, Indica Wilson Bean
Loving language: Victor Scott Preschool’s Spanish class with Viviana Durango Marzan, Zakaria Abrahams, Errin Cann, Chamilla DeCosta-Bovell, Styles Furbert III, Joshua Gale, Izaeah Hayward, Ja’Zhuria Pascoe, Remi Simmons, Keith Smith Simmons, Y’ves Tucker