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Raising funds for children in Peru

For the greater good: Saltus students, who raised $760 which will be sent to Peru

S3 students at Saltus Grammar School have taken the “service to others” component of the School’s Mission Statement to heart.

In Foundation Year, this cohort began sponsoring a young child in Peru named Dylan through World Vision.

In sponsoring Dylan, now eight years old, the year group has learnt what raising funds for those in need can accomplish, such as bringing clean water to a community, providing education and ensuring proper nutrition.

Over the course of the four years of sponsorship, they have raised hundreds of dollars in support of Dylan through various fundraisers within their year group. This year, the students decided that they wanted the rest of the Upper Primary Department to not only get involved in the fundraising effort but also become aware of those less fortunate. So they decided to host a healthy Bake Sale to raise funds. With thanks to the S3 parents for the wonderful goodies, the students were able to raise a total of $760.42, which will be sent to Dylan and his community in Peru.

Jesse Sheppard, S3 teacher and team co-ordinator at Saltus, said: “It has been truly amazing to see such young students come together for the greater good of those in need.”