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Back to the future for Warwick Academy’s bibliophiles

Reading in bed!: Warwick Academy primary students celebrate Book Week with their traditional pyjama party

Recent studies reveal that sales of e-books are falling while sales of paper books are growing — and the shift is being driven by younger people.

The digital revolution in the field of publishing which many anticipated never occurred and printed books are here to stay.

Surveys show that children prefer physical books because “they love to hold the object”.

Younger readers also find a respite from their digitally busy lives in the print format.

This is to acknowledge this phenomenon and celebrate the magical power of the physical book, that Warwick Academy Library dedicated its 15th Book Week anniversary to The Art of Books.

Throughout the week, all primary students were guided through the Library “Book Expo” featuring extraordinary print books.

They discovered why baby books were in black and white and not colour.

The students were introduced to a wide selection of interactive books such as slide-and-see, musical books or scratch-and-sniff books.

They were stunned by the creativity of authors of animated books: a collection of “flip”, Scanimation and “pop-up” books were also on display.

They finally learnt that printed books could serve blind or dyslexic readers with a lesson on Louis Braille’s alphabet and what it meant for a book to be dyslexic-friendly.

In the classroom, primary teachers offered a variety of literacy activities around a common theme: “wordless picture books”.

Year 1 to Year 6 teachers introduced authors such as Aaron Beeker, Suzy Lee, David Weisner and Barbara Lehman illustrative works to their students and showed them how pictures could be used to convey stories or inspire creative writing.

In art, Year 2 and Year 6 classes worked on the creation of artistic book covers or used paper engineering techniques to create pop-up illustrations for stories or poems.

Year 5s made a book of haikus from cover to cover.

Book Week concluded with the traditional pyjama day during which all primary students were invited to cuddle up with their favourite books in their comfortable attires.