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Teamwork triumphs in Triple Challenge

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Pushed to the limit: the Warwick Academy girls’ team of Holly Wakely, left, Anna Francoeur, Macy Aicardi and Gianna Webbe completed the annual event

Warwick Academy had three incredible teams, two for students and one teacher team, represented in this year’s Triple Challenge competition, which raises funds for local charities.

Three days, three races, 13 kilometres, more than 75 obstacles. This was what was in store for a group of four Warwick Academy sixth-form students in mid-March.

The triple challenge is not only a physical challenge but also tests you mentally and challenges teamwork skills. Obstacles consist of walls, climbing and crawling. Cannot do the obstacle? Expect 25 burpees coming your way.

On Friday, March 15, the group met in St George’s, where we participated in the Argus foot race, the shortest of the three days, with only three kilometres in store.

We started off strong and at a good pace (only to be quickly overtaken by Warwick Academy’s boys team). On this day, obstacles were slightly less challenging and the air was cooler because it was after sunset.

For my team, the hardest obstacle on day one was probably the tyre flip, which required full strength from all four of us and a slight amount of co-ordination.

Day two challenged our running. The team was made up of three gymnasts and an ex-runner. Now running is not a strong point of mine but on the beach it is especially hard.

Most would think mid-March seems a little bit early for an ocean swim, but after running a few kilometres the icy water was surprisingly refreshing.

Initially, I didn’t realise how long day two was. I’d never ran a 5K on the beach in my life, although, as I look back at it, I realise it was actually a lot of fun despite my exhaustion.

After day two, we received a Bermuda magnet to match the triangle magnet received on day one. This meant that there was just one more piece to make the whole medal; day three.

Day three took place on the opposite end of the island, starting in Dockyard. Arriving at the starting location there were no spectators around, which was quite different from previous days. This was because the location changed from previous years in order to extend the running portion of the final day.

This day was by far the most difficult for me individually. Over the three days, I had battled with a stomach bug and was quite low on energy, although, as I approached new obstacles, I still tackled them with my best effort and made it through the 5K.

My favourite part of day three happened to be the water portion. Located across from Calico Jack’s and Dolphin Quest was an inflatable obstacle course which challenges all aspects of your muscles and was funny to watch your team mates try to do.

Finally, crossing the finish line on day three, we were awarded with the base of the medal, the two previous magnets connect to this base in order to represent each day of the challenge. We were also given a complimentary buffet at the end of the challenge, which was something we all looked forward to from day one.

As a whole, I absolutely loved the Triple Challenge and know my team did too. Anna, Macy and Gianna were always the best motivators and team-mates as we were running. Combining Gianna’s strength, with Macy’s speed and Anna’s determination, we were the dream team who were determined to complete all three days.

Being the hardest physical challenge of my life made finishing the challenge more rewarding and made me want to do it next year, even more than I already did.

The boys’ team of Jack Harvey, left, Brian Desmond, Nicholas Pilgrim and Caleb Ingham
Finishing line: the Warwick Academy teachers’ team of Lauren Shah, left, Julia Parker, Florence Brown and Nicole Correia