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Scars gives abuse presentation to Warwick Academy parents

Warwick Academy student: Anna Francoeur organised a Scars event at the school

On Thursday, March 21, two representatives from Saving Children and Revealing Secrets came to Warwick Academy to give an informative one-hour sexual abuse awareness presentation to parents.

Debi Ray-Rivers, the founder and executive director of Scars, conducted its Scars Arms Families through Education which provides a “tool box” of information for parents, guardians, and organisations entrusted with the care of children.

Parents learnt what questions to ask when enrolling their child in a new programme, inappropriate behaviours to watch for when adults are with children, warning signs to look for in young and older children, information on how to protect their child from the internet, and more.

Approximately 20 adults attended the exceptional event held in Barber Hall located in the Sixth Form Building.

Ms Ray-Rivers’s honesty, bravery, and mature composure when sharing personal experiences captivated everyone in the audience who were able to share their own feedback in a survey afterwards.

The feedback on the evening was extremely positive and the event was an overall massive success.

This event can hopefully be carried on at Warwick Academy in the future as it is essential to continue spreading the awareness, sharing stories, and growing the positive impact of sexual abuse awareness.

Warwick Academy, Scars, and I are very appreciative of everyone who attended the evening and thank you to Warwick Academy for supporting and encouraging an important event like this.

Also, a special thanks to Mrs Finnigan and Mrs Haas for helping with the organisation of the event and I hope it can be continued in the future.

I highly recommend this programme to anyone interested, along with the three-hour training session that Scars also provide.

For additional information or any specific enquiries please contact: info@scars.bm, 297-2277 or www.scarsbermuda.com